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Charis Missions to the Nations is an interdenominational mission’s organization that focuses on discipleship so that´s the reason we have year-round ministry. We seek to disciple as Jesus did – our vision is that God would use us to raise up a generation of committed disciples of Jesus Christ. We want to help you to share your story, find your purpose and answer God's call on your life. It is not too late to find your mission choose your adventure.

We exist to launch you (no matter of age) into a lifetime of missionary involvement by training and mobilizing them to influence the world. Work and evangelism short-term mission trips share the Gospel using innovative tools.

We take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to a lost world and engage the local church in global mission work. With our hearts, we strive to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people in the places we serve. Spiritually, we work through churches and house churches, church planting, church development and edification, evangelism, and Bible institutes. Physically, we work through Christian schools, children’s homes, health clinics, home building, disaster relief and nutritional efforts.

Restoring hope among the nations by expressing love, growing followers and making missionaries. Our mission is to reach those who have never been reached, touch those who have never been touched, to love those that need love, to inspire people to passionately pursue the presence of God.

With our ministry and partners, we reached over 250 home churches groups per year with over 25 short-term missions to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, Honduras, El Salvador and soon Colombia and Ecuador. In the past 10 years, we had also trained and equipped more than 700 pastors for biblical discipleship. 

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